Xtreme® Airless Sprayers

The Latest in High-Performance, High-Pressure Technology


• Marine coatings    • Tank coatings   • Pipe coatings   • Steel structure coatings   • Many more

Applying Protective Coatings correctly is essential for the coating´s performance and the lifetime of the painted object.
High pressure airless sprayers

• Pump viscous industrial paints (high solid coatings such as epoxy coatings, urethanes and others)

• Reach working pressure up to 500 bar

• Mix plural component materials at required ratios

• Spray at continuous flow

• Achieve a smooth spray pattern resulting in a perfect finish

NXT Air Motor Technology lasts up to 10 times longer!

We’ve taken the best and made it even better. With the Xtreme NXT, you get a new airless sprayer that sets a higher standard for long-lasting durability. In fact, the NXT Air Motor is proven to last 10 times longer than its predecessor, the Graco King.™ Built to handle the toughest protective coatings and corrosion control applications, the Xtreme NXT also provides easy access to the modular air valve, a de-icing feature and reduced noise. And with more models and configurations to choose from, you get the precise pressure and output you need for your high performance coatings spraying applications.

Raising the Bar for High-Performance Airless Spraying

Zinc Xtreme Package with Circulation and  Heavy-Duty Cart

Xtreme Sprayer with Hopper Feed Kit  and Heavy-Duty Cart


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